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25.10.2017 - News

Logimatics CEO welcomes Crown Princess Mary to 25th anniversary at Naval Team Denmark

Logimatic’s CEO and chairman of Naval Team Denmark, Troels Severinsen, introduces Her Royal Highness, Crown Princess Mary to the board of directors on the occasion of the anniversary.

Naval team Denmark was founded in 1992 by eleven different companies, including Logimatic. NTD is an export club that helps Danish industry to export maritime equipment to foreign fleets. The organisation has close cooperation with the Danish defence and especially the Navy staff.

For 25 years, Naval Team Denmark has supported member companies to promote not only platforms but also ship design, know-how and fleet equipment, including radar command, control and communication systems at the international level. Troels Severinsen, CEO of Logimatic and Chairman of NTD, says, “For 25 years, NTD has evolved from eleven to twenty Danish members and two foreign affiliated members. I take that as an indication that NTD has provided members with relevant support in their international campaigns. That is why it is also a great honour that the Crown Princess participated, that means a lot.”

Logimatic is an international engineering and software company, and specialises in electricity and automation for the maritime industry. Among other things, Logimatic’s IPMS solution (Integrated Platform Management system) is installed on the Danish flexible support ships and frigates.

Troels Severinsen says, “Naval Team Denmark today represents a large part of the Danish defence industry in the maritime area, and our brand is known in the international market. It enables us to utilise the NTD to promote the solutions and services we can offer to the international fleet segment”

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