Asset Management

IT-solution for maintenance, procurement and HSQE. Market leading Fleet Management solution for shipping companies. Efficient within the industry and supply industry. The brand name is SERTICA.

Warehouse & Logistics Management

IT-solution for management of the entire logistics chain: warehouse, automation, production logistics and distribution. All-in-one platform with a visual, Easy-To-Operate user interface. The brand name is LOGIA.


Customised automation solutions within the energy, supply and marine sectors. The solutions are project-specific and usually based on SCADA and PLC systems in single comprehensive networks.

Your Business Partner!

Logimatic has more than 25 years of experience in developing software and automation solutions and our vast experience is based on numerous implementations of IT solutions all over the world. This has provided us with a unique knowledge and makes us more than just another system supplier.

Logimatic's mission is to supply software- and automation solutions that ease the day to day work processes and enhances our customer's competitiveness.To ensure this we make sure that our employees' expertise is integrated with the newest technologies, so that we can develop the best solutions in the market.

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Our Customers

Our customers are the ones best suited to provide you with a picture of who we are and what we can do for you.

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Our support teams are ready to assist you in solving potential technical questions
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Sertica +45 9634 7010
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Recent News

19 March 2018

Martech Systems assist Svitzer in harmonising maintenance data in SERTICA to enable smarter procurement strategies.

Svitzer has contracted Logimatic’s implementation partner, Martech Systems, to convert SERTICA from a Planned Maintenance System to a Technical Management System to harmonize maintenance across all vessels and enable better benchmarking as well as forecas...

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12 January 2018

Logimatic is taking an active role in ECOPRODIGI

Logimatic participates in the EU project ECOPRODIGI “Eco-efficiency to maritime industry pro-cesses in the Baltic Sea Region through digitalization.”...

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19 December 2017

Danske Færger A/S extends its product suite with SERTICA Procurement

Danske Færger A/S, a long-standing customer of Logimatic, is adding SERTICA Procurement within its Fleet Management System. ...

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12 December 2017

EURONAV opts for SERTICA Fleet Management

After a rigorous selection process, EURONAV – the world’s largest independent tanker company – has chosen SERTICA Fleet Management System by Logimatic. ...

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