Logimatic develop software and automation systems from our head office in Aalborg. We also have offices in Værløse, Singapore and Chile, and we are an owner-driven company with 85 employees. For more than 30 years we have striven for excellence – both in our solutions and in the collaboration with our clients.

Some of our customers have been with us for more than a decade. The same goes for the people that work here.

More than just a supplier

A combination between technology, knowledge and people is probably the best way to describe us. We believe that a perfect interplay between our employees, clients and partners is the key to success for all parties.

Technology: Software and automation systems

We develop, implement and support software and automation systems with a focus on optimizing processes and the utilization of resources to maximize quality and reduce costs.

All of our solutions are 100 % in-house developed. This means that we handle everything related to development, configurations system changes, special applications, integrations, data conversions, training, service and support.

For us, no project is too big or too small. All of our systems can be adapted to small, big and special needs. No matter how big or complex your task is we will solve it with a clear focus on your business needs.

Knowledge: Service and consultancy

Consultancy constitutes a big part of what we offer, both as an individual service or as part of a software solution.

Our expertise is based on numerous automation and software projects for clients from all over the world. Over the years we have built a unique portfolio of knowledge that makes us much more than a systems supplier. Without this domain knowledge, technology would only be technology.

People: The people behind Logimatic

Our employees and their competencies are the key to our success, which is why we have always considered our employees as our biggest strength. Most of them have an educational background in engineering, computer science or information technology.

At Logimatic we value long-term relations. In fact, in average our clients are with us for more than ten years. The same goes for the people that work here. We have a good reputation in the market, because we do not move on from a project or a client until we have achieved satisfactory results. We prioritize a close dialogue, and we get involved. This makes us a stable and valuable partner – now and in the future.

The interplay between our employees creates a good foundation for knowledge-sharing, which makes our solutions better. With both young, recently qualified employees and more experienced employees we have the ideal mix of resources and competencies to deliver top-quality solutions that elevate our customers’ businesses.

Many of our employees have been part of our team for several years, which is a testament to the loyalty and the opportunity for growth that characterizes Logimatic as a workplace.

Logimatic was founded by and is still managed and owned by engineers today in spite of a generational shift in the entire management. Together with the employees that have been here from the beginning, they are Logimatic’s culture bearers. This means that we are on top of technology, that things are done properly and timely, and that we take our work very seriously.

We have a very flat organizational structure, and the management is just as involved in coding and customer support as everybody else. We consider ourselves a family, where we are unpretentious, and there are no high horses.

We pull together when we need to and we share a responsibility of making sure our customers are happy with our solutions and services. We place great emphasis on innovation and working closely with educational institutions we keep abreast and gain new insight through committed students and new employees. We believe that by being focused, we can continue to strengthen our position as an exciting workplace and software company located in Denmark and present worldwide.


Our four core values have been a part of us from 1987 – and we are still true to them. The values are deeply rooted in all of us. They are a part of our DNA and they make Logimatic the workplace and the supplier that it is.

Meaning: We know what works, and we say what we mean. Our most important job is to ensure that our clients get the optimal solution.
Respect: We show respect to each other, our projects and our clients.
Influence: We believe in dialogue. The right solution is created in a close collaboration with the client.
Credibility: A word is a word. We keep our promises.


Our mission is to integrate knowledge and technology.


Our vision is to be the preferred software systems supplier and collaborative partner within the niche areas that we work in.

A lot has happened since four engineers from Aalborg Shipyard started Logimatic as a spin-off business in 1987. Not only has the company changed – the world has seen tremendous changes as well.

The initial idea behind the company was to deliver consultancy services within electronics and automation, but the business foundation later evolved to also encompass software development, which soon became a main area of focus. The technological progress gathered speed, and Logimatic saw the potential and invested in the future.

Fluctuating market conditions have required a high level of adaptability and responsiveness. Logimatic has proven its ability to adapt by trimming the business when necessary and invest when the right opportunities presented themselves.

Today, Logimatic is run by three engineers who were among the first employees. We have developed a wide palette of software and automation solutions, and we are now more than 120 employees.

The four founders from Aalborg Shipyard are the reason behind the four waves in our logo.

We are a financially strong company that, for many years, has achieved the highest possible credit rating.

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Troels Severinsen


Sofiendalsvej 9
DK-9200 Aalborg
+45 9634 7000