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Logimatic are recognized in the industry, and they have always been a stable and reliable partner to us.

Jakob Steffensen, Innovation Manager

Logimatic challenge our processes, and we challenge the development of SERTICA. To me, that is the essence of a good partnership.

Troels Møller, Vessel Manager

SERTICA is not the only good system in the market, but Logimatic is an agile development partner with an innovative mindset similar to our own.

Rudi Vander Eyken, Group IT Manager

Logimatic’s IPMS has brought the application of computer aided control and supervision of our vessels into a new era, both in terms of operability and maintainability.

The Royal Danish Navy

I started using SERTICA back in the 90s, and the great thing about it is that it is constantly updated and improved.

Jesper Alex Larsen, Head of Purchasing & Procurement

With SERTICA and the new functions tailored for Biofos, Logimatic have given us a solid, future-proof maintenance solution.

Herbert Hansen, Operations Manager

Unlike our previous suppliers, Logimatic are very open to our suggestions as to how we can develop and optimize the system.

Jørgen Holm Madsen, Maintenance Engineer

The simplicity and usability of INEXTIA reduces the time spent on administrative tasks and helps us streamline our maintenance processes.

Torben Nielsen, Operations Manager

The ability to plan and delegate tasks electronically has made our daily operations so much easier. INEXTIA ensures that everyone keeps an overview and saves us a lot of time.

Martin Haugaard Jensen, Project manager

Logimatic helped us identify the potential for process optimization – and the benefits quickly outweighed the costs.

Simon B. Hoffgaard, Production Manager

We have reduced warehouse costs by 22 % and increased warehouse picking efficiency by 40,6 % over the past three years.

Marianne Sørensen, CEO

All warehouse operations are comprised into the WMS platform. We have achieved a whole new level of control and full utilization of our capacity.

Ole Hustad, System Administrator for LOGIA & M3

If you register your information correctly in SERTICA, I believe you can avoid 90 % of all failures and breakdowns.

Claus Weinreich, Technician

It was vital to us that the SERTICA could not only be used across the entire organization, but that we could also add remote users.

Jakob Andersen, Maintenance Manager

A digitalized maintenance platform is vital in a modern organization.

Henrik Kusk, Chief Mechanical Engineer

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Troels Severinsen

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Karsten Bangshaab

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