What is ISA-101 HMI standard?

What is ISA-101 HMI standard?

If you want to learn more about what ISA-101 HMI standard is, then Logimatic are experts. Here, you can learn a little more about the term and we are ready to help you put together a SCADA-solution.

To ensure the best Human Machine Interface (HMI) in for example a SCADA-system, it is advantageous to use a design standard as a guideline when designing the interface. ISA-101 is a design standard and a list of recommendations creating a framework with the purpose of reducing mistakes, human error included. In short, the goal is to create the optimal interaction between human and machine.

The recommendations or guidelines outlined in ISA-101 are created with respect for the operators needs and to increase and improve the focus on the activities happening in the process and what will happen in the near future.

The ISA-101 standard is used in many situations to distinguish important information from less important information. Screenshots are designed according to a multi-level information hierarchy. The design is made to support facts and thus improve efficiency. In the design process, reviews and tests are performed to fix any possible mistakes or improve the user experience.

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