What is HMI?

What does HMI stand for?

HMI is an abbreviation of Human Machine Interface which is the link between the user and the PLC. HMI typically exists in the shape of a touch sensitive screen or computer, providing the user with the ability to control a smaller installation. The HMI and SCADA expressions are often used interchangeably, though they are not the same. A SCADA-system have a Human Machine Interface, but this interface is not the SCADA-system. The biggest difference between the two is that a SCADA-system can control the entire facility centrally and collect data. With the HMI you can only control a small part of the facility, such as a single installation, and it is not possible to collect data. In effect this will often mean that the SCADA-system will be found in places such as a control room, providing an overview of multiple things, whereas the HMI will be near the single installation it is for. At Logimatic we create HMI and SCADA-systems as tailored solutions and our work is based on the ISA-101 HMI standard.

Example of a Human Machine Interface

This is an example of a screenshot from a Human Machine Interface

What is HMI used for?

The expression can be used to describe almost any screen, though it is most often used in an industrial context. The function varies, but at its core it is used to display some sort of data. Perhaps the interface is used for diagnosing problems, or tracking a workflow, and is also used for monitoring critical values such as temperatures. There are many possibilities but the most important factor is that the information displayed is tailored to your demands.

Who uses HMI?

The use of this type of interface is widespread, and given that it can be tailored for different needs, it is used in a variety of different industries. At Logimatic we are specifically experienced in delivering to the maritime, sewage, waste water and supply industries.

At Logimatic we are experts

At Logimatic we have many years of experience working with HMI, SCADA-systems and PLC programming. Whether a complex solution, partial solution or consultancy is what you need, we are here to help you find the right solution. Our solutions are tailored for your demands and are in compliance with the highest quality standards. Find your contact and learn more about what we can offer you here: Contact Logimatic. If you want to learn more about us, you can read more here: About Logimatic.