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11.09.2017 - News

The first German methanol fuel cell-powered boat has Logimatic automation to control fuel cells on board

Logimatic provides control system to manage installations on German methanol fuel cell-powered boat.

Logimatic Engineering has delivered a power management system for overall control of the methanol fuel cells. The system contains a dedicated local HMI interface as well as integration into the vessels main control system. The solution is based on COTS products and is developed with focus on reusability and in-field configuration, in close cooperation with SerEnergy. This enables SerEnergy to do test and commissioning without needing a Logimatic Engineer onsite.

Brian Ahrensbach Sørensen, Electrical and Automation Engineer at Logimatic, states, “It is always very rewarding to work with green energy projects. We have been very much involved in the entire process and have customised the solution to fit the needs of this particular project. The funny thing is that we did not know from the beginning how the final solution would look like. This is something we decided in close cooperation with SerEnergy.”

The solution consists of several standard modules with a flexibility that enables modifications during the set-up but also afterwards. Logimatic suggested a solution with the best matching programming and equipment for this specific project.

Søren Kildedal, Head of marine, says “The most important thing for us in the process was the flexibility. By communicating almost daily we ended up with the best solution for us, and the great thing is that it is possible to change the solution in the future if we find it necessary.”

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