STRATECA is a software system that ensures effective internal communication onshore and offshore. The information platform enables real-time communication to ensure that notifications and alarms are prioritized in the right order. Showing information on a display at ground stations or on mobile devices, STRATECA can either be a supplement to or replace radio communication.

STRATECA helps you make the right decisions in critical situations.

Logimatics IPMS har bragt IT-understøttet kontrol og overvågning af vores skibe ind i en ny æra - både operationelt og vedligeholdsmæssigt.


STRATECA in details

Below is an overview of the main functions in STRATECA.

  • Strategic Damage Management System
  • Sharing of information and action priorities via ground stations
  • All information is logged for documentation and performance evaluation
  • Stand-alone system that can also be integrated with existing control systems
  • Unlimited number of clients and users
  • Can be hosted via a local or decentralized server or online

STRATECA comes with a number of advantages that boost communication efficiency.

  • Strategic overview in critical situations
  • Connection between relevant units
  • Improved communication
  • Access from any web interface
  • Issue-free integration with third-party systems
  • Adapted to meet your needs
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