RENOMATIC is used by local authorities and waste disposal businesses for administration, control and financial management of all activities in the waste disposal process – from customer registration to pick-up.

RENOMATIC is a powerful tool for planning and managing every stage of the waste treatment process.



The RENOMATIC self-service solution provides the user with a quick overview of waste agreements and collection days.

The solution helps citizens and companies find relevant information and contact the waste administration.

The software is web-based and can be accessed via and, or integrated onto the websites of the authorities of the waste management company.

Users can sign up for an SMS/e-mail service, which sends a reminder before the scheduled waste collection. Users of this service can also stay updated on operating status.

RENOMATIC has an easy-to-use interface showing all user information and history in a single frame. You can be charged annually or biannually via various interfaces such as Bidragsregister, FAS, Navision and OPUS/ KMD Debitor

Automatic updates of user data from both E&M and CVR are also an integrated part of the solution. All data is collected in one single database, which makes reports, statistics and analyses readily accessible and provides a better overview.

Planning and reporting are made easy for waste management companies, who can easily plan collection routes and container deliveries.

Moreover, routes can be transferred to the company’s own route planning system or shown on a map in the individual vehicles or on a tablet.

Claims and orders of extra waste collection are sent directly to the specific routes. Cancellations or postponements due to weather conditions, vehicle breakdowns, or road work can be notified to all affected addresses. Cancellations or postponements due to weather conditions, vehicle breakdowns or road work can be notified to all affected addresses.

RENOMATIC can be combined with the FotoDok app, which allows the waste manager to show and document any issues related to waste collection. Simply take a photo, add a comment and upload the information via the app.

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