At Logimatic, we have more than 30 years of experience in the maritime sector. We put an honor in always being “up to date” with classifications, rules and laws. Nationally and internationally. Our expert knowledge ensures you a top-class result.

A solid offshore automation partner - system upgrade, HVAC, tests and on site commissioning.

Nordic Oil Company (NOC), Qatar Former Maersk Oil Qatar

Supplier for El and automation since 2006. Retrofit projects and service jobs. All utility systems offshore.

Location: Alsaheen

Retrofit project of HVAC control systems: Upgrade, retrofit, FAT and commissioning. Engineering, consulting and delivery of interface unit.

A-location, DAA & FAA

Server backup - wide range of different software applications. Document structure for backups and procedures. Building standard library; programming tools on virtual workstations.


  • Mærsk Oil Qatar
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Logimatic deliveries

We develop and deliver automation and software solutions to offshore and marine customers worldwide.
Executing retrofit projects and service jobs on site or remote from our offices in Denmark.

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SRO, SCADA & PLC Specialist. Automation til forsyningsbranchen. Per Ghodt
I am your contact in offshore projects. Please don't hesitate to contact me!

Per Ghodt


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