Moviot is an IoT product platform comprised of various tested and reliable IoT technologies such as radio technology, gateway, cloud, power management, sensory modules, app and production tools.

The Moviot platform alone creates 70 % of your IoT product – we develop the rest specifically to meet your needs.

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MOVIOT in details

Bluetooth Low Energy is one of the standard technologies that we apply in our sensors. We always review alternative options and compare technologies in terms of price, power consumption and reach.

The technology of our Bluetooth Smart sensors offers a very low energy consumption, which means that the sensors can operate for five to ten years on a single button cell battery (CR2032). In some cases, you can spare the battery and harvest the energy inputs of the surrounding environment – such as thermal energy (temperature changes), vibration, light, or wind. This is also referred to as Energy Harvesting.

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One of the latest technology catalysts in the sphere of IoT is Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT and LTE-M). Narrowband IoT is a data network designed for IoT and incorporated into the existing mobile network plus the future 5G network.


NB-IoT allows you to connect your products and production equipment directly to the mobile network. With NB-IoT you get reduced power consumption, a wider reach and low-cost radio modules. Therefore, with the right integration, NB-IoT can be used on battery sensors.

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Vi har mange års erfaring med at udvikle trådløse sensorer til industrien. Vi har igennem tiden oparbejdet en Smart-Sensor platform, hvor vi har mulighed for at konfigurere såvel hardware som software til den enkelte kundes behov. Platformen inkluderer en simpel Cloud-løsning til dataopsamling og dataanalyse.

The Smart Sensor modules are characterized by their intelligence (programmable micro controller), easy configuration, easy set-up, small form factor and low power consumption. They use wireless technology, so no cables are necessary. We configure the sensor module via smart phone or tablet. This allows us to set up and configure a sensor module in just a few minutes, and you quickly get access to your data in the Cloud.

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Deploying Energy Harvesting allows for battery-free products. The technology behind Energy Harvesting can collect one or more types of energy available from the sensors’ immediate environment, and transfer these into electrical energy. In an efficient Energy Harvesting design, the relatively low levels of ambient energy can be converted to electrical power, which is then used in the electrical system of for instance Smart Sensors.

Energy Harvesting offers a potential for all industries and can be placed in poorly accessible areas.

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