LOGIA is our trusted and recognized IT platform for warehouse management, automation management, production logistics and distribution management. By digitizing all logistics-related activities, LOGIA takes internal process optimization to a whole new level and offers potential for huge cost savings.

LOGIA is easy-to-operate – simple, process-oriented and user-friendly.

We have reduced warehouse costs by 22 % and increased warehouse picking efficiency by 40,6 % over the past three years.

Marianne Sørensen, CEO

All warehouse operations are comprised into the WMS platform. We have achieved a whole new level of control and full utilization of our capacity.

Ole Hustad, System Administrator for LOGIA & M3

LOGIA in details

LOGIA is a complete software suite offering specialized management and automation of warehouse logistics, production logistics, and distribution. The solution is divided into four packages with each their area of focus:

  • Warehouse Management/WMS
  • Warehouse Automation/WCS
  • Production Logistics
  • Distribution Management

You can choose packages individually and adapt the solution to your needs, or you can choose the complete LOGIA solution. Whichever solution you choose, there is only one interface for the ERP system.

LOGIA has standard interfaces for all ERP systems.

A high degree of visualization, simple instructions and the use of imagery are among the features that make the LOGIA system unique. It is intuitive, intelligible and very easy to operate – both in terms of planning and execution.

Learn more about LOGIA at logiawms.com

LOGIA Warehouse Management System manages and streamlines the manual warehouse, ensuring optimum work processes and utilization of warehouse capacity and more efficient planning and handling of orders.

Processes are simplified and systematized in order to achieve a simpler workflow, more efficient order handling and minimized internal transportation.

LOGIA is built on efficient warehouse management principles, such as:

  • Mobile goods reception / crossdocking / placement improvements
  • Optimized goods placement / calculation of order volume in terms of packaging / FIFO / LIFO
  • Optimized picking routes / batch picking / direct picking for shipment packaging
  • Dynamic locations / Packing and freight consolidation.
  • Continual restocking / zero point counting

Read more about manual warehouse management at logiawms.com

LOGIA controls all automated equipment such as vertical lifts, mini loads, conveyor systems, cranes and robots. LOGIA can manage and combine different types of equipment from various manufacturers in a single solution, which means great flexibility and flow.

Logia ensures maximum utilization of capacity, both in terms of space and degree of filling as well as efficiency/speed.

With its load balancing and management principles, LOGIA boosts efficiency and optimizes the utilization of warehouse capacity in terms of space as well as speed, improving the overall flow.

Read more about automated warehouse management at logiawms.com

LOGIA controls picking to production, the flow of goods between production cells and the flow of goods to semi-finished or finished goods warehouses. Material flow is optimized based on the Lean and electronic kanban principles.

Production and warehouse staff is online in LOGIA, and the solution is based on scanning or simple registrations. Transactions take place concurrently with physical stock movement and current stock is registered as goods are picked for production, which paves the way for precise stock management.

LOGIA manages:

  • Raw material, semi-finished and finished goods warehouses
  • Inventory status and locations
  • Picking of materials for production
  • Jit delivery for production cells
  • Electronic kanban
  • Order placements / stock refills
  • Management of batch, lot and serial numbers
  • Movement of semi-manufactures between cells
  • Successive delivery to stations
  • Movement of finished goods
  • Placement in semi-finished and finished goods warehouses

Read more about picking to production and material flow management at logiawms.com


LOGIA handles the final part of an order transaction, including freight order and preparation for dispatch. LOGIA gives you a bird’s eye view of the shipping area, manages and assigns collection gates, and ensures that goods are ranked optimally in terms of gates and order. Space is utilized optimally, and orders are efficiently and safely dispatched to haulers and on to customers.

All cargo is registered and controlled, easing the workflow for warehouse staff and haulers while ensuring that the right orders are given to the right hauler.

LOGIA integrates with solutions such as Consignor and the haulers’ TA systems. The freight is ordered with a single click in LOGIA as an integrated part of the working procedure in the packing process. Everything is ordered and registered online.

Read more about distribution area management and transport administration at logiawms.com


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