INSEACON IPMS is used on board vessels and submarines to monitor and control the hull as well as mechanical, electrical and damage control systems. We deliver a type-approved IPMS for naval ships, which is built on COTS-products. We are proud to present a solution that is at the forefront of the technological development.

We give you great flexibility in terms of system integration and user interface (HMI).

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The frigate Absalon is one of the Royal Danish Navy's ships with INSEACON on board.

Logimatic is a supplier of the control system to the Danish frigates. The following videos shows how INSEACON and STRATECA - our system for critical and efficient communication, are used. See both ship and systems in use.
Logimatic’s IPMS has brought the application of computer aided control and supervision of our vessels into a new era, both in terms of operability and maintainability.

The Royal Danish Navy

INSEACON in details

Machinery, equipment and systems that are typically monitored and managed with INSEACON IPMS:

  • Electricity production and distribution
  • Power Management
  • Propulsion control
  • Ship systems automation
  • Ship systems remote monitoring and control
  • Alarm system with extension alarm panels
  • Damage control
  • Conning displays
  • Stability computer
  • CCTV system

INSEACON consists of a number of processing units (PLCs), redundant server racks and a number of operating stations.

The PLCs handle data communication with system inputs and outputs (I/O), including both physical cables connected to I/O modules and data units transferred via serial and bus-based connections to other control systems.

The PLCs also handle the automation control of pumps, valves etc. and alarm set-up. The operating stations and servers handle overview and remote control for operators via mimics and an alarms list. A complete breakdown of the client/server will have no effect on the PLC level, which will continue to conduct automation and alarm detection.

The idea behind INSEACON is to have a system that is as productive and efficient as possible, even in the case of loss of single control units or operating stations, or damages on parts of the ship.

The installation of INSEACON follows the ship’s division into crash zones, and the two server racks are places as far apart as possible.

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After sailing on board Iver Huitfeldt – one of the three new Danish frigates – Niels C. Borck has described not only the experience but also a lot of the technical details of the vessel.

Get a different angle on one of the Danish prides in the Royal Danish Navy by reading ‘Seen & Sailed’.

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Below you will find information about three specific solutions that Logimatic has developed for the Royal Danish Navy (the PDFs are in English).

IPMS for the two flexible support ships of the ABSALON class.
IPMS for the three frigates of the IVER HUITFELDT class.
ICS for the Rodyal Danish Yact DANNEBROG.

In 2019 Logimatic became a certified partner by ThinManager. Today we have a Platinum Level Integrator, Henrik Jerslev Jensen and a Certified Level Integrator, Mathias Jensen.

On several Danish Navy Fleets, Logimatic has integrated Thinmanager for increased:

  • IT-Flexibility
  • Workstation PC speed
  • Cyber security

Read the case study here

If you want to know about ThinManager, watch this video.
For further information about ThinManager, visit their webpage.

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