FotoDok is an app for photo documentation, issue reporting and quality control of day-to-day operations. Photo documentation is easily added via your smartphone, relieving administrative resources and saving time. You simply upload photos and text to the FotoDok server, from where you can access the complete report.

FotoDok creates an overview and ensures quality of your day-to-day operations.




FotoDok can be used by any type of business in any industry and tailored to meet your specific needs. You can quickly and easily log in to the system via the website and create case files and projects, which eases your daily workflow and creates an overview. With an online system you can always access data from your phone, tablet, or computer at any time or place.

With mobile devices you can send photos and text to the FotoDok server, from which you can access your complete report. You simply take a photo with your phone, add a comment, and let FotoDok handle the rest.

  • Say goodbye to unhandy cameras and note pads
  • Minimize the risk of flaws and oversights on a daily basis
  • Secure documentation for quality control

You can try FotoDok for a free and non-binding trial period of 14 days. The trial gives you access to demo material, so you can easily get started and experience all the advantages.

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FotoDok can easily be accessed via your computer, laptop or tablet, or via a login on the website. Add photo documentation directly from your desk with the FotoDok app for Android and iOS.

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