We tailor automation solutions to meet the needs of your sewage plant, giving you improved overview, optimized management and valuable insight into your day-to-day operations. At Logimatic we specialize in PLC and SCADA programming and troubleshooting, and our solutions can be integrated with other systems.

We use our extensive industry-expertise to optimize your efficiency.


We provide a license that includes complete access to all system and software updates, e.g. for SCADA or PLC systems. You are guaranteed full service in relation to your software products, and we conduct ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that your system and its performance are kept up to date.

Committed to providing the best possible solutions and service, we continually educate and keep updated on the latest software for your plant. Moreover, quality control of product documentation and configurations plus an annual assessment of the complete installation, including an assessment report, are also included in our support and update agreement.

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At Logimatic we monitor your plant around the clock and offer to provide rapid assistance to minimize damages and downtime in the event of failures or outages.

With a 24-hour service agreement we service and maintain your automation software and equipment according to your needs. A service agreement is your guarantee that an automation technician is ready to handle any issues that demand fast action, including servers and PLC issues and failures. We act rapidly to minimize downtime or establish a temporary solution if necessary.

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Staying proactive with planned maintenance can save you a lot of time, resources and money, and minimize breakdowns.

With NAMS you get an immediate warning in the case of decreasing performance of the network or network-related units and applications.

In the case of failures and errors, NAMS provides a specified diagnostics report, which is sent automatically by e-mail or text message to the head of operations, allowing you to take rapid action.

NAMS is short for Network and Application Monitoring System.

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We deliver complete customized solutions based on internationally recognized platforms. Each solution is tailored to the specific industry and project, and our systems are typically based on SCADA and PLC platforms in a complete network solution.

As a total supplier we deliver complete turnkey solutions including project management, design, hardware and software plus implementation and service and support.

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Logimatic gladly offers to provide a turnkey solution that involves project management. We manage the entire project, so you can focus on your business and other important tasks. Our services also include consultancy in automation and advice on how to best maximize the benefits of process optimization.

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Get in touch to learn more about our solutions for sewage plants.

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Get in touch to learn more about our solutions for sewage plants.

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