We offer automation solutions for district heating plants of all sizes. We have in-depth knowledge of and longstanding experience with the processes and regulation principles of management of district heating.

Our services cover the complete SRO plant, typically in a decentralized solution with a cloud-based topology.

We offer expert solutions in automation, maintenance and process optimization.

Logimatic’s role was to provide consultancy regarding and installation and implementation of the process part of new biomass district heating plant. SCADA, PLC, data integration, electrical panels, frequency converters and process instrumentation.
Logimatic’s role was to manage, regulate and monitor a new transmission line supplying three decentralized heating plants. Construction of communication structure and integration in a cloud-based topology.

Automation for district heating supply

Heat production and management of the complete transmission network puts a lot of pressure on the SRO systems. A solution with many supply types and users on the same transmission network means high demands in terms of regulation and a potential for varying forms of operational solutions, where energy optimization and security of supply are key.

We make an effort to stay updated in terms of the latest technologies and software. We do this by keeping abreast of the latest available knowledge and research plus the necessary certifications in collaboration with our hardware and software suppliers. This is your guarantee that a Logimatic solution equals the best and latest technology and know-how.

We deliver complete customized solutions based on internationally recognized platforms. Each solution is tailored to the specific industry and project, and our systems are typically based on SCADA and PLC platforms in a complete network solution.

As a total supplier we deliver complete turnkey solutions including project management, design, hardware and software plus implementation and ongoing service and support.

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Proactive network monitoring with NAMS

Preventing breakdowns is vital in district heating plants. Preventative maintenance can save you a lot of time, resources and costs.

With NAMS you get an immediate warning in the case of decreasing performance on the network or network-related units and applications.

In the case of failures and errors, NAMS provides a specified diagnostics report, which is sent automatically by e-mail or text message to your operator, allowing you to take rapid action.

NAMS is short for Network and Application Monitoring System.

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