SERTICA is developed for - and in close collaboration with - both industrial and maritime customers worldwide. Industrial customers primarily use SERTICA for planned maintenance, whereas maritime customers use SERTICA for fleet management, including maintenance, performance, procurement and HSQE.

SERTICA can be used in virtually all types of companies that have a need for management and documentation in relation to internal workflows. Shipping, utility plants and pharmaceutical companies as well as amusement parks make out a significant part of our users and customers.

With a history going more than 20 years back, the knowledge and experience with SERTICA is very high at Logimatic and ensures our customers a good implementation and an effectful solution.

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Logia is a complete software suite with special modules in warehouse management (WMS), automation management (WCS), production logistics, and distribution management.

The solution manages and optimises all the internal logistics and ensures optimal flow and integration between manual and automated areas. The solution offers lean management on all levels, and the goal is to improve efficiency, minimise errors, and reduce costs.

Logia provides an overview and ensures optimal use of the warehouse resources as well as efficient processing of in- and outgoing orders.

Contrary to the ERP system that is focused on planning, Logia is task-oriented. All employees are online, workflows are supported, and relevant data in the processes are collected and secured. The solution is process-oriented, clear, and easy to understand.

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FotoDok is an App for smartphones that makes it easy to combine photos and texts into finished photo documentation.

With FotoDok on your smartphone, you will be able to send photos and text to the FotoDok website, from which you can distribute or download your report. All you need to do is take a picture and write a comment - and from there you leave the rest to FotoDok.

FotoDok is useful in all types of companies that have a need for documentation with images in relation to different types of work processes. The solution is particularly used by companies in construction, renovation and plumbing, but also many other types of companies have benefitted from the time saving features FotoDok offers.

The documentation report can contain automatically gathered GPS location data, time of registration etc., and if a registration requires better explanation, it is possible to draw on the images directly on the smartphone to highlight specifics. Furthermore, all collected data can be organized in folders on the website, making sure your data is registered properly.

If you would like more information about the FotoDok solution - please contact us.

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