Our consultancy covers everything from optimization to digitization, and automation within the areas of warehousing and internal logistics. The goal is to increase your company’s competitiveness by improving efficiency, quality, and saving costs.

Our starting point is your warehouse setup, and we spot any untapped potential.

Logimatic helped us identify the potential for process optimization – and the benefits quickly outweighed the costs.

Simon B. Hoffgaard, Production Manager

Consultancy based on our considerations regarding digitizing logistics and using AGVs for internal transportation.
Logimatic helped us optimize our internal processes, logistics and workflows.

Martin Callisen, COO

We help you realize the full potential of your warehouse and logistics processes.

Our focus in warehouse and logistics

What was optimal yesterday might not be optimal today. The conditions of your business constantly change, as do your customers’ expectations. Thus, a continual focus on optimized warehouse operations is vital.

There are numerous areas with optimization potential. But where do you start? Where should you put your efforts? Spotting the potential for optimization is not enough – you must make the right investments at the right time in order to maximize the benefits.

We help you upgrade your warehouse to best match current conditions. Our simple yet effective tools for charting warehouse processes create structure and overview and calculate effect and return of investment. This helps you make an informed, fact-based decision regarding optimization initiatives.


Concrete optimazation initiatives

  • Warehouse layout, capacity and space utilization
  • ABC analysis
  • Warehouse strategies (reserve storage and MOQ)
  • Picking, stocking and refilling strategies
  • KPIs and Performance Management
  • Digitizing and choice of WMS system
  • Automation of warehouse areas


Optimization benefits

The overall objective of warehouse optimization is typically to:

  • Improve your competitiveness
  • Identify and realize unexplored potentials of your warehouse
  • Advance your warehouse and your business
  • Provide your organization and management with resources to meet new challenges

Let us have a talk about your situation and what you can achieve through optimization.


Warehouse capacity and resources encompass storage space/cubic meters, locations, design/layout, automated warehouse sections, warehouse equipment, inventory (including shelf life), warehouse staff and more.

The warehouse is typically responsible for 60 % of your assets, and there is often a tremendous potential for optimizing the utilization of warehouse capacity and resources.

We can help you spot the possibilities of improvement and optimization. We review your warehouse systematically and analyze it based on ABC, heatmap eg. Based on our analyses we calculate the potential for optimization and give you a clear overview of potential optimization initiatives and their benefits.

Let us have a talk about your situation and what you can achieve through optimization.

We digitize the warehouse by implementing a warehouse management system/WMS.

All data is exchanged with your ERP/Enterprise resource planning system. Everything is scanned and registered digitally, and all maintenance tasks are gathered in a single system.

This means that all warehouse staff members have online access to picking jobs via tablets, terminals, PDAs, and headsets e.g., where information about warehouse data, processes, and inventory are presented in an easily-accessible manner.

Employees get an overview over and are guided through each task, which means a more streamlined workflow and higher quality of dispatches.

As warehouse manager you get productive tools for planning the daily inbound and outbound orders. You get a bird’s eye view of critical factors such as delivery times, order sizes and inventory, and activating orders in the right order is made easier. Altogether: Optimal dispatch.

We develop, implement and support the warehouse management system/WMS system LOGIA, which you can read more about here: logiawms.com

There is great potential in automating sections of the warehouse. Of course, new technologies means larger investments, but it also means more substantial, long-term benefits. But what is the best solution for your situation and financial capacity, and what is the rate of return?

We are well versed in all automation equipment and its pros and cons across manufactures. It is vital that you get an ideal set-up that matches your warehouse and capacity – and the ideal set-up can very well be a combination of equipment from different suppliers.

We can help you identify and prioritize cost-effective automation projects.

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