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31.01.2018 - News

Migatronic digitalises warehouse and manufacturing logistics

Denmark’s largest manufacturer of welding machines has chosen the LOGIA logistics platform. The solution comprises modules for warehouse management, automatic storage management, material flow management for manufacturing and integration in M3.

A comprehensive analysis of Migatronics’s inventory and logistics processes has revealed an optimisation potential which the company is currently implementing. In this context, the investment in LOGIA is a strategic decision, and the solution replaces the previously used M3 warehouse management function.

Migatronic’s warehouse includes multiple manual storage areas as well as automatic storage management, and the products range from components for manufacturing, after-sales spare parts, and finished products awaiting serial numbering.

LOGIA ensures that processes are simplified, and that unnecessary handling and registration is eliminated. As a new thing, the warehouse must, amongst others, service manufacturing with materials for manufacturing orders and fill Kanban picking areas via an electronic Kanban principle. Everything is done online in LOGIA and all stock movements are recorded automatically and simultaneously with the physical movement of items.

Strategic focus contributes to lifting the logistics to the next level

“The warehouse has our highest priority. It is the prerequisite for an efficient production and timely deliveries. As we are a manufacturing company with several manufacturing centres, we also have several different warehouses. It has been a semi-complicated and labour-intensive beast to control, “says Martin Svenningsen, Supply Chain Manager at Migatronic, and continues:

“Just over a year ago, we therefore chose to turn over a new leaf and initiate an analysis of our internal logistics. The result was clear. We had everything in hand but spent too many resources on something that could advantageously be digitised and automated. We therefore chose to invest in the LOGIA logistics platform, which today manages and coordinates our warehouses – both the manual and automatic.

Everything is done digitally – even our Kanban cards have become electronic – so refilling is done automatically and all stock movements are recorded as they happen. This provides us with full control of our inventory and ensures that, for example, picking for manufacturing is commenced on time in the respective warehouse areas. In addition, digitalization gives us easy FIFO and durability management and ensures that we have full traceability on both the components and the finished goods.”

The LOGIA solution has been implemented in stages in the course of 2017 and is currently operating the automatic storage systems and most manual warehouse areas. The remaining areas will become operational during spring 2018.

About Migatronic
Migatronic udvikler intelligent teknologi til manuel svejsning og automatiserede løsninger. Virksomheden producerer over 20.000 svejsemaskiner om året og har ca. 320 medarbejdere fordelt på det danske koncernsæde og produktionssted i Fjerritslev, salgsdatterselskaber i ti europæiske lande samt salgs- og produktionsselskaber i Indien og Kina.