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24.06.2016 - News

IPA Beslag Chooses LOGIA*Gen6

Denmark’s biggest manufacturer of hardware and fittings, IPA Beslag, are choosing the new generation of LOGIA to manage their finished product warehouse.

IPA Beslag in Nibe is currently the biggest manufacturer of hardware and fittings in Denmark. The company’s product range covers do-it-yourself fittings, furniture fittings, fittings for doors and windows, gate fittings and gutter brackets.

The products are marketed primarily through wholesalers at home and abroad and the majority of the company’s products end up today with Danish and international door and window manufacturers.

IPA have chosen LOGIA to manage their finished product warehouse, and the solution will support all processes: from arrival in the warehouse to shipping. The purpose of the solution is to create better coherence between the activities of the individual warehouse areas and to improve delivery service to the market.

LOGIA will be integrated with IPA Beslag’s ERP solution, CommIT, and the solution will be deployed in Q3 2016.