There is a major potential for energy and cost savings for companies in the utilities sector. Logimatic can help you tap into the value of process management and surveillance including planned maintenance. By streamlining your plant operations we help you minimize downtime and unforeseen costs, reduce the risk of outages and optimize plant safety.

With our vast experience and profound industry expertise we can help you obtain safe, reliable and optimized plant operations.

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Our focus in the utilities sector

In the utilities sector, intelligent and well-managed operations are vital, not least to the thousands of people whose daily lives depend on the supply of electricity, water and heat. By creating an overview of your day-to-day operations we can help you relieve resources for maintenance, optimize efficiency and most importantly: secure high reliability of supply.

With more than 30 years of experience from the utilities sector we can tailor a solution that helps you tackle industry challenges while meeting current rules and regulations.

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SRO, SCADA & PLC Specialist. Automation til forsyningsbranchen. Per Ghodt

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