The production apparatus must be utilized optimally and with the lowest possible energy consumption. Orders must be planned and prioritized, and the material flow must be streamlined to ensure that materials are ready at the right place and time. To achieve this, our focus is on management, regulation, surveillance and proactive maintenance to prevent stoppages.

If you register your information correctly in SERTICA, I believe you can avoid 90 % of all failures and breakdowns.

Claus Weinreich, Technician

Logimatic has increased production capacity in a vast number of Danish manufacturing companies.

Our focus in the manufacturing industry

Logimatic’s MES solutions (Manufacturing Executing System) manage and streamline the entire production process – from order and material handling to equipment and maintenance. Our production management software is based on the Wonderware platform, and we tailor the solution to meet your specific needs.

Our MES solutions give you precise information about your production activities, which enables order and process control, relieves resources and saves time. Allowing you to control and automate the start and end time of certain equipment, even during unstaffed hours, the system helps you eliminate energy waste and obtain potentially huge cost savings

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Goods for production orders need to be accessible at the production cells just before production starts;  not too long before and certainly not later. Goods delivered before take up unnecessary space in the production area and can get in the way of efficiency. Goods that are delivered too late result in poor capacity utilization.

After the production process, the manufactured items (semi-finished/finished products) need to be moved on to the next process in line, moved to the warehouse, or packed and shipped. They must not take up space in the production area.

Our warehouse management system LOGIA helps you manage picking to production, moving between production cells and moving to semi-finished or finished goods warehouses. This ensures optimal flow and punctual and correct inventory management.

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In the manufacturing industry, efficiency and a high production rate are just as essential to success as the quality of the end-product. Time is of the essence, and stoppages and failures can be costly –planned maintenance can help you get a headstart.

Failures always come at a bad time, and pausing assets due to unscheduled maintenance costs time and money. By scheduling preventative maintenance you can avoid unforeseen repairs, keep downtime to a minimum and optimize asset management. Our planned maintenance system gives you a complete overview of your facilities, including your spare parts warehouse, allowing you to easily and efficiently locate and order correct spare parts. You can also register interruptions and stoppages in an electronic log, handle reports electronically and get an overview of the time spent on different tasks and projects. Data and performance history are collected in a database, which enables you to manage and plan hours efficiently and extend the service life of your equipment.

By planning maintenance in an electronic maintenance system you can access all information, documents, history and data related to your production assets. You can quickly identify and react to issues and risks, which will reduce downtime, optimize efficiency and save costs

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