The energy sector faces tremendous challenges and increasing demands for sustainable solutions with high return and low impact. To tackle these, energy companies rely on efficient and technologically savvy solutions – and this is where we come in. With our strong industry credentials and experience from both local niche projects and large-scale global projects, we can help you optimize your business to comply with the ever-changing demands.

Aalborg CSP

Together with Aalborg CSP A/S, Logimatic has developed a turnkey automation solution for a new prestigious greenhouse project at Sundrop Farms in Australia. A leader in sustainable agriculture, Sundrop Farms grows valuable produce using only sea water and sunlight as energy inputs. The greenhouse solution uses the sun’s energy to produce freshwater for irrigation and turn it into electricity to power the greenhouse to heat and cool the crops.

We optimize your energy consumption to reduce your footprints and increase your bottom line.


Troels Severinsen
Corporate CEO, Logimatic Engineering

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Senior Project Engineer

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