Integrated Platform Management System – for navy vessels

An integrated platform management system (IPMS) is a distributed system used on board ships and submarines for the real-time monitoring and control of the vessel’s hull, mechanical, electrical and damage control machinery and systems.

Typical machinery, equipment and systems monitored and controlled by the IPMS include:

• Propulsion system
• Handles, engines, propellers
• Power Management System (generators, switchboards, distribution)
• Damage control equipment (e.g. fire pumps)
• Auxiliary machinery systems for heating, ventilation, airconditioning, chilled water etc.
• Alarm System
• Extension Alarm System

In essence, IPMS may be used for control and monitoring of virtually all equipment onboard a warship, excluding the combat related weapons/sensors and the ship’s communication and navigation equipment.

Click the image of the IPMS architecture to view it in details. (Opens in new browser window).

IPMS  benefits

• Open and scalable architecture
• Virtually unlimited input/output
• COTS based
• Reduced ship life cycle cost
• High level of automation gives reduced manning

Well-proven solution for navies worldwide

Logimatic has developed an Integrated Platform Management System for The Royal Danish Navy’s Flexible Support Vessels and Frigates.

The system consists of a number of processing units (PLCs) distributed around the ship, and a number of operator stations located in the Engine Control Room and on the Bridge.

All operator stations can display any IPMS mimic, so the ship platform can be controlled completely either from ECR or the Bridge.

Optional connections to the ship-wide data network enables connection of portable PCs for diagnostic purposes and manning of local Damage Control Stations.

More than 100 mimic displays have been developed, based on standard windows graphical user interface where data are displayed and controllable components can be manipulated via pop-up faceplates.

The mimics are designed in accordance with the system diagrams and show outlines of essential machinery details to facilitate seamless operation of the system.

The system has been implemented on the Flexible Support Vessels at the Royal Danish Navy since 2004 and has recently been implemented on the Frigates.


Captain Per Bigum Christensen, Technical Director, Maritime System from the Danish Defense Acquisition & Logistics Organization states:

“Logimatics IPMS has brought the application of computer aided control and supervision of our vessels into a new era, both in terms of operability and maintainability.

Logimatic has had a strict focus on the ship operators in the development of a very user friendly system, and we are especially satisfied with the Damage Control System that is tailored exactly to our specific needs.

The crew members also express their satisfaction in the daily use of the system, stating that it provides seamless supervision, diagnostic and maintenance of the ship equipment.”

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