Engineering and IT organisation with 30 years of experience within development, sales, implementation and support of own software and automation solutions.

  • IT security
  • Specific SW project: Simulation setup for training
  • Energy optimising, with a view to ships (frequency converter)
  • Quality monitoring of the supply network on ships (hamonics from frequency converters)
  • Mangagement and monitoring shipyards, energy systems, industrial production lines (PLC and SCADA)
  • Software development, Access database .NET Automation and process control in general
  • “Big Data”, development of collection of data and data processing for clients
  • Battery driven ferries
  • IOT (internet of things) and industry 4.0
  • (Microsoft Hololens) AR/VR

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Lene Dahlstrøm
Tel.: +45 9634 7000
to discuss opportunities and project co-operations!

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