As an intern at Logimatic you get to work on relevant projects together with our employees. You become part of the “family” from day one and will take part in meetings that are relevant to your tasks. We want you to get the full idea of what it means to work at a company like ours – professionally and socially. So of course you will also be invited to our many social events. Several of our former interns and student workers have been offered a permanent job.

Mød Louise

Hear Louise tell about her internship in marketing at Logimatic.

Mød Christian

Hear Christian tell about everyday life as a programming student Logimatic.

Mød Jannatul

Jannatul is a marketing assistant. Hear her tell about her working at Logimatic.

Mød Anna

Meet Anna and learn more about everyday life as a marketing intern at Logimatic.

What is it like to be an intern at Logimatic?

My name is Cecilie and I am a marketing intern at Logimatic as part of my studies in Culture, Communication and Globalization with the specialization Marketing and Consumer Behavior.

In my internship I mainly work with copywriting, and I write anything from short texts for social media to long newsletters and press releases. In addition to that, I work on varying tasks that are all tailored to my interests. This means that I get to try something new and still specialize in the things that I am passionate about.

Logimatic is not only a great workplace to grow your personal and professional skills; it is also a workplace with an excellent social environment. I was not just labeled ‘the intern’ but became a part of the team on equal terms as everyone else. During my internship I have gone to many social events both in and outside the company, and I have gotten some amazing colleagues.

My name is Mads Faber, and I am studying Computer Science at Aalborg University. My title at Logimatic is software developer, and I work with troubleshooting in existing software products.

At Logimatic it is very easy to get chatting with your coworkers and as an intern or a student you are treated the same as everyone else.

Being a student worker at Logimatic has been a great and educational experience.

I am a software development intern at Logimatic. I work with frontend development in C# and XAML as well as backend development in PL/SQL. I am also part of the team that works on improving the warehouse and logistics management system LOGIA, and my tasks involve bug fixing, new features and refinement of existing features and functionality.

During my internship I have used the theoretic tools that I have acquired through my studies in computer science to solve my tasks.

As an intern at Logimatic you are invited to many different social events outside the workplace, which makes way for good workplace relationships and a positive atmosphere. You get to know people outside of work, which makes working at Logimatic much more than just a job.

Please contact me if you have any HR-related questions.

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