Marine Design

Within the maritime area we have vast know-how in electrical and automation design, and in cooperation with various maritime consulting companies we have delivered both complete and partial design worldwide.

We offer:

►   Specifications
        ✔ Outline specifications
        ✔ Design specifications

►   Basic design
        ✔ Complete documentation package for approval by client, classification society, authorities etc.

►  Detailed design (production design)
        ✔ Complete documentation package for the shipyard for production

►   Technical procurement specifications

►   Design of test programs
        ✔ Quay tests
        ✔ Sea tests

►   Manuals

We have carried out both basis as well as detailed design for various types of ships such as:

►   Gas tankers
►   Chemical tankers
►   Bulk carriers
►   Ferries
►  Container vessels
►  Cruisers
►   Naval ships



We would very much like to get into a dialogue with you about the solutions we can offer your company. Please use the contact form below to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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