Integrated Platform Management System

We deliver type approved Integrated Platform Management Systems (IPMS) to navy ships. Our system is based on COTS products and can be supported worldwide.

IPMS is a common computer based platform integrating the following applications: 

✔  Power management 
✔  Propulsion control 
✔  Ship systems automation
✔  Ship systems remote monitoring and control
✔  Alarm system including Extension Alarm Panels
✔  Damage management
✔  Conning displays
✔  Loading and Stability Computer
✔  CCTV camera system


You can find more information about the system in our brochure about IPMS (800 kB)


"Seen & Sailed"

After sailing on board Iver Huitfeldt - one of the three new Danish firgates - Niels C. Borck has described not only the experience but also a lot of the technical details of the vessel.

Get a different angle on one of the Danish prides in the Royal Danish Navy by reading "Seen & Sailed".
Click on the picture below to open the brochure.


Below you will find information about three specific solutions which Logimatic has developed and delivered:


IPMS for the 2 flexible support ships of the ABSALON-Class. (345 kB)

IPMS for the 3 frigates of the IVER HUITFELDT-Class. (550 kB)

ICS for the Royal Danish Yacht DANNEBROG. (755 kB)

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