Based on the technologies used in our IPMS solution we also offer an automation solution called Control Monitoring Alarm System (CMAS) for commercial ships.

The solutions can vary dependent on various needs and our references cover both small and large scale systems for both newbuildings and retrofit projects.

Our solutions are based on standard products (COTS) with type approvals for maritime use and we use standard functionality whenever possible, which shorten both implementation and go-live.

Through the years we have delivered various CMAS solutions and we have experience in participating in a partly or complete replacement of an automation solution with respect to retrofit

By retrofit projects our experienced staff will make a project proposal based on the existing installation that is both technically and financially attractive for the ship owner.
The CMAS solution for commercial ships is very flexible and It can be designed and expanded as needed.

A common CMAS project will be based on the following elements:

►  One or several terminals with touch display
►  Decentralised alarm panels that are placed onboard the ship (e.g. bridge/ECR)
►  Reporting
►  Historical alarm log
►  Printing
►  Remote connection through satelite/GSM

Further information about our IPMS solution, which CMAS is built upon, can be found on our IPMS page: IPMS - Integrated Platform Management System



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