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The IPMS (Integrated Platform Management System) developed by Logimatic is a system which can be used on board ships and submarines to monitor and control the hull as well as mechanical, electrical and damage control systems.

We deliver a type approved IPMS for naval ships, which is builyt on COTS products.

The system is developed in co-operation with the Royal Danish Navy, but is implemented and supported globally.

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Energy Savings

Logimatic is working on a long range of projects aiming at energy savings on passenger ships.

The projects cover complete delivery and implementation of solutions, that optimize the usage of HVAC and water cooling systems.

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Logimatic offers automation solutions called Control Monitoring Alarm System (CMAS) for commercial ships. The systems are based on the technologies used in our IPMS solution.

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Marine Design

Within the maritime area we have vast know-how in electrical and automation design, and in co-operation with various maritime consulting companies we have delivered both complete and partial design worldwide.

We can provide specialist knowledge within a wide variety of areas and also deliver design solutions for almost every type of vessel.

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Reference: Royal Danish Navy

When the Royal Danish Navy commisioned two new flexible combat ships of the Absalon Class and three new frigates of the Iver Huitfeldt Class Logimatic was chosen to develop and implement IPMS on all 5 ships.

Read about the case here.

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