Supply: Sewage

Solutions in management, energy optimisation, and plant documentation

Logimatic has more than 25 years of experience in electricity and automation solutions for sewage treatment works.

Our solutions ensure better management and control on a daily basis, energy optimisation, and optimal plant documentation.


Focus on clients  >>  Case: Forsyningen Allerød Rudersdal

Through many years, Logimatic has had a close collaboration with Forsyningen Allerød Rudersdal, among others. Concerning this project, Logimatic has been working in close collaboration with Schneider who has made this film.

>>  See the film here.


Optimal solutions with focus on technology

We have extensive experience in sewage and automation solutions for sewage treatment plants.

We have completed projects concerning:

  • Overall update of SRO plant
  • Integration of environmental reporting system
  • Optimisation and development of process regulation
  • Management of sand and grease table
  • Energy-saving regulation of process tank
    - Aeration based on gauging nutritive salts (online gauging)
  • Pumping stations and GRPS communication
  • Solutions and implementation of duty lists
  • Maintenance
  • Energy consumption

Suppliers and collaborators

Logimatic uses different suppliers and collaborates with many different partners.

We are independent in relation to suppliers of components, and our job of finding the correct solutions guides us when deciding which components that are going to form part of the solution.  

We use components from different suppliers, including Schneider, but we adapt our choice of supplier to the client's needs and requirements.


ContactAfdelingsleder Per Ghodt

Your personal contact with professional skills in sewage treatment plants with Logimatic is head of department Per Ghodt.

You may reach Per directly via the contact form or by telephone on +45 9634 7000


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