Energy Optimization on Passenger Ships

We work on a series of projects concerning energy consumption and optimization on passenger ships.

The solutions reduces the power consumption by approximately 30-50%. Aside from the derived economic savings a similar reduction in CO2 and NOx emissions, that are scrutinized in relation to environmental issues, can be achieved.

Industrial Design

We offer project design, design and dimensioning of electrical and automation systems like e.g.:

✔ Distribution boards
✔ Automation solutions and control panels
✔ Electrical installations
✔ Cable laying systems

We offer to prepare the basis for tendering as well as invite tenders for the building owner. Additionally, we offer to estimate and check the tenders together with the building owner as well as carry through contract negotiations with the bidding contractors.

Also, we offer to carry through the management of the mounting tasks on behalf of the building owner to ensure the correct quality in the work that is performed.

Production Optimisation

The production apparatus has to be used to the greatest extent possible with the least possible energy consumption. At the same time, orders have to be prioritised and planned to ensure that the right product is delivered simply and effectively at the right moment.

We can examine your production and identify improvement measures. In addition, we offer MES (Manufacturing Executing System) solutions based on Wonderware’s system platform to control the entire production from orders, materials and the production apparatus. The solution is delivered 100% adapted to your production apparatus.

The solution gives you precise information about your production. It provides good control over orders and processes while eliminating bottlenecks and reducing waste. You can also control and automate when parts of the production are to start and shut down even during unmanned periods. This optimises energy consumption.

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