Establishment of new energy installations

We are a total supplier of electricity and ICS for new plants in the fields of solar energy, bio oil, fuel oil, gas and biomass. Our projects vary greatly in terms of scope and complexity and range from small local PLC control systems to large innovative projects based on new technology.

We can be your partner to consult with in all phases of your project in matters relating to the establishment of energy installations, and we can act as your electricity and ICS department in long-term collaborations. Our experience has provided us with extensive knowledge of both legislative and safety requirements within ICS of energy plants.

Modernisation of ICS facilities

The ICS facilities are essential for the optimum operation of an energy plants. They should run stable and ensure the best possible utilisation of resources.

We handle modernisation of ICS facilities, making sure that all processes are adjusted so that the facility is up-to-date and running with the best possible efficiency. We will gladly sign support agreements for the entire service life of the system, which guarantees that your ICS system will be up-to-date at all times. In addition, we offer modernisation of existing ICS facilities.

Our many years of experience and good understanding of processes ensure that we can carry out such projects with high quality and within the agreed time frame even when the documentation of the existing facility is inadequate.

Reference: Sundrop Farms

Logimatic has in co-operation with Aalborg CSP delivered a total automation solution for the prestigious greenhouse concept at Sundrop Farms in Australia.

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Reference: Widex

The cooling and heating needs of the Widex hearing aids factory are covered by seasonal storage of cold in the winter and respectively heat in the summer. So far, this is the largest building whose heating and cooling needs are covered without external energy supply.

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