Automation Solutions

We develop, supply and service complete automation solutions for the maritime industry as well as for the heavy industry with focus on the energy and supply sectors.

Automation is in our DNA

Logimatic was founded in 1987 by four engineers from Aalborg Værft. Ever since day one automation has been our core area, initially with focus on automation for the maritime industry. It still is. Ever since, industrial automation has been a continuously growing part of our business.

Today, Logimatic is one of the strongest suppliers and partners in the market in the field of maritime and industrial automation. We are a team of approx. 90 employees and we participate in projects all over the world.

Turnkey solutions

We deliver complete customised solutions based on internationally recognised platforms.

Our solutions are project- and sector-specific and are usually based on SCADA and PLC systems in a single comprehensive network solution.

As a total supplier, we deliver complete solutions consisting of project management, design, hardware and software supply as well as commissioning and subsequent service.

Your automation partner

Our everyday life is filled with many and diverse projects, and we are accustomed to integrating ourselves and our services into your projects. We understand the processes, and our approach to assignments is based on years of practical experience that comes from working with customers from both the private and the public sectors.

We are a strong team of engineers, installers and marine engineers with special competence in areas such as design and development of ICS, electrical design and programming. Our projects range from small programming assignments to project management of large turnkey deliveries.

Our expertise adds value to your projects and you can draw on our skills and experience when and as needed.


Quality and certifications

We strive to deliver good quality at all times and our standards and procedures guarantee that we are able to do this in an effective and competitive manner.

In addition, we have industry-specific certifications such as Sellihca. Sellihca is a Nordic qualification system in the supply sector, which guarantees that we comply with the quality requirements of the supply and energy sectors to their suppliers.

We have the highest credit score, which gives you as customer high confidence that we can also handle financially demanding assignments.

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