Alarm management: What is the connection between SCADA and alarms?

Alarm management: What is the relation between alarms and SCADA?

This article aims to explain the relation between alarm management and SCADA. It is a brief answer to some of the work we do with regards to automation solutions.

Alarms are present in all SCADA-systems. They are an important part of the system, as they notify the staff about errors and the exceeding of limit values. This could for example be temperature, water level and pressure.

Alarm lists are usually a nightmare for operating personal, as SCADA-system often are set up with just standard alarms. This means that every limit value and the handling of each alarm has not been considered in depth. At Logimatic we offer a complete clean up in SCADA and alarms. This makes the system more manageable and ensuring relevant alarms can be handled efficiently, instead of alarms being an obstacle.

Picture of a SCADA-system.
A well designed SCADA-image is an important step in improving overview

At Logimatic we have working with automation and SCADA since 1987 and are experts in the field. To ensure good operations and alarm management, it is important to consider all alarms and trigger values to clarify which alerts you want and when you want them. We are experts in driving processes with regards to alarm priorities, filtration, presentation, analysis and configuration. Working with these is a part of ensuring a more efficient operation and providing a clear overview for maintenance and operating personnel.

Hopefully you have learned something new about the link between SCADA and alarms and whether optimization of these are relevant for you. Learn more about alarm management and after-design of SCADA-systems by contacting: Bo Eckhardt Phone: +45 2072 0221 E-mail:

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