Our History


In April 2017, Logimatic celebrates 30 years of growth and innovation. Much has happened since the four founders from Aalborg Shipyard in Denmark started Logimatic as a spin-off company in 1987. Logimatic has evolved with time and technology.

The company began as a consultancy firm for electrical systems and automation, but the business moved rapidly in the direction of software development. Technological development speeded up, and Logimatic saw the opportunities and invested in the future.

Economic trends in society have gone up and down, and this has placed great demand on corporate adaptability. Logimatic has proven its own ability to adapt rapidly, by trimming the company when necessary and investing when the opportunity presented itself.

Our customers have been far-sighted and have seen the value of technological development. This has placed great demand on the solutions they have required as well as on us as their supplier. The projects have been ambitious at times, but our customers have shown a great deal of trust in us solving the tasks. The content and scope of the tasks have challenged all our employees. A large proportion of our employees have been with the team for many years, which is a sign of loyalty and a good opportunity for improving skills and growing alongside the company.

Logimatic pay tribute to our staff for the tremendous effort and the commitment that they have shown over 30 years. They are the soul of the company. They make the difference. They are our future.

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You can read more about our history in this brochure, in which you also find further information about our different products and services.

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