About Us

Logimatic is a Danish engineering and software company with solid global experience in development, sales, implementation and support of in-house developed software and automation solutions. Consultancy is also a large part of the services we offer, both as independent services as well as in connection with our IT solutions. We are often project managers during system integrations and for the development of customised IT systems.

Our solutions are niche products geared towards a wide variety of industries and customers, from private to public and from service to production, but our focus is always on increasing the competitiveness of our customers. We do this by constantly improving efficiency and quality, as well as shortening delivery times and reducing costs.

People and Technology

We combine people and technology to supply value-creating solutions for our customers. These solutions optimise the processes and workflows of the individual customer, thereby equipping them to take a leading position in the increasingly competitive market.

Our knowledge is our employees. Without them, technology would just be technology. Our employees contribute to the value-creating knowledge, which is essential for improving the competitiveness of individual customers.

Focus on the Customer

All of our customers, both local and international, are always entitled to a first class treatment - from first contact, to delivery, to the following services and support processes. Logimatic works with a very high level of flexibility across borders, and we deliver great customer satisfaction.

Regardless of size and complexity, we always solve the task with 100% focus on the customer’s business needs. As all of our solutions are developed in-house, and we can adjust the solutions according to customer needs.


Quality and Certifications

We put great effort into delivering uniform and high quality, and to execute efficient and competitive projects. Hence, we have been certified according to the DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 since 1998. The certification applies for all of our solutions and services.

DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 concerns the Danish and international standards for systematic quality management.


Entrepreneur of the Year

Logimatic has won the "Entrepreneur of The Year" award twice and the award for "Best Value Creator". Logimatic was nominated by Ernst and Young based on our strong focus on globalisation, internationalisation and company culture and values.  

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